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activo  Tema n° 5746  vendo C4 Waterman BK Pro, 10´0" x 27"

07.05.2012 @ 13:00
por gregor

8 mensajes

Fecha del registro 23.09.2007

Localización: Valencia

Es una tabla de SUP

Aquí la descripción de la página de C4 en inglés:

Originally built for Brian Keaulana, this Dave Parmenter shaped 10 foot wing swallow is 27 inches wide and 3 7/8 inches thick. It comes with five fin boxes so you can run it as a thruster or quad. The BoardWorks TEC construction makes this board light and strong. Wing-Swallow Tail Width: 27.0" Thickness: 3.85" Fin Array: 5-fin cluster. Adaptable to any fin combination,i.e. single, twin, tri, quad, or 2 X 1.

Design Notes: The Brian Kealuana Model is the end result of a design evolution that commenced with the very first SUP short board back in 2003. This board combines a constant-curve Hawaii rocker which is calibrated to accelerate at nose and tail in sync with the pulled-in outline. The thickness distribution tapers toward the tail to allow harder turns at higher speeds, and the wing-swallow reduces tail area under the back foot, and grants greater adhesion and torque in carving turns. If you are keen on progressive, full-tilt SUP surfing and really want to push the edge of the performance envelope, this is the board for you.
Rider guidelines: Beginner, 75 to 145 lbs; intermediate up to 185 lbs; advanced up to 215 lbs.

TEC (thermal epoxy compression) technology
Dual-density core (1lb. eps bonded to a 9 lb. divinycell outer shell)
Highly ding resistant fiberglass, and epoxy resins
ESS: (Epoxy Stringer System) Boards over 8ft. in length are fitted with 3 Divynicell stringers on the deck (saddled in 4 oz. fiberglass) to insure stability, and quick rebound.

Nose - 18 3/8"
Tail - 16 3/8"
Thickness - 3 7/8"
Five Fin Boxes - 4 Futures, 1 Standard Center Box

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